The Power Of Analytics

TDT brings you the ability to see the Forest and not only the Trees.  Whether you are drowning in a sea of Data or not we can provide you with the Insights and Actionable Information needed to achieve your strategic objectives. We take a consultative approach to identify, analyze and understand your business and help solve your unique business problems versus selling a suite of products.  Our solutions: Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics and integration of Outcomes and Results in our Business Intelligence tools provide you the insights you need to address your business issues and opportunities.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

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Whether your data resides in a sophisticated Data warehouse or across multiple platforms i.e. SQL, Oracles, SAP, AS 400, Excel spreadsheets or other, we aggregate your data across multiple sources to create a Model Data File. Our ETL tools (Extract, Transform and Load) and deep programming experience provide you with customized business solutions to your company.

Our Predictive and Visualization analytics unlock hidden knowledge for effective decision-making and optimization.

We specialize in the following key areas:

Customer Retention:  Who are the customers at risk of leaving and what actions can and should be taken to retain your high value customers. Using Predictive Analytics and customer data to segment customers can help a company identify the most profitable customers and enable it to focus its engagement and marketing efforts on those customers that will make the biggest impact on the company’s business.

In the same way as Location, Location, and Location are key in Real Estate, Customer Segmentation is a critical aspect of examining and acting on Customer Lifetime Value.  This allows you to focus on those customers with the highest value to your organization. Propensity to Quit is the next step.  Once you know the value of a customer it’s important to then identify those customers who have a high value and a high propensity to quit.

Upsell and CrossSell:  Where are your customers in their life cycle with you?  What next product or service should you be approaching each customer with and what is their propensity to buy?

Rather than relying on a sales or service representative to decide whether to cross-sell and which product/service to offer, modern cross-selling utilizes analytical tools to study the customer’s past behaviour, correlates this information with similar customers, and then identify potential service/product opportunities at each contact with the customer.

Cross Sell and Upsell are relatively old and established sales tools. Cross Sell involves the sales of additional items related (or sometimes unrelated) to a previously purchased item, while Upsell involves the increase of order volume either by the sales of more units of the same purchased item, or the upgrading into a more expensive version of the purchased item.

Within the context of customer relationship management, increasing penetration of products and services with customers has become a valuable strategy for customer development and retention.

• Revenue Optimization: provides you the ability to adjust prices at the customer, region, and product or service level while keeping attrition levels at prescribed levels. 

12340235_mlWe answer the following questions:  What is the optimum price that will maximize profits while retaining your existing customers or the optimum pricing distribution among your customers based on a pre-defined Revenue Goal in order to minimize the adverse effects of price increases on Customer attrition.

According to a recent Gartner report, Revenue and Price Optimization is grabbing attention in the executive suite because it can boost margins, revenues, and profitability. A successful Revenue Optimization implementation can increase margins by 50 basis points or more and increase total revenue by two to four percent. That puts Revenue Optimization on the executive agenda, and it puts your data resources on the spot.

 Data Integration: of Results and Outcomes of the various predictive models in our or your Business Intelligence tools creating a Single Version of the Truth. 

Gain useful insights by doing data cleanup and analysis though data aggregation and transformation using tools such as SQL and SAS. Companies choose our consulting services because of our highly experienced talent, and our ability to implement recommendations and capture the ROI. 

We are driven by the potential of our clients and our only objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and exceed customer goals. We have successfully completed a range of engagements and provided solutions using Predictive Analytics to companies in the following areas:

• Financial Services21402501_ml • Merchant Processing • Medical laboratories • Transportation • Retail

TDT offers a broad range of know-how and skills.  Our partnership with clients gives them the ability to execute and implement comprehensive and high quality business and technology solutions.