Our Predictive and Visualization analytics unlock hidden knowledge for effective decision-making and optimization.

Our tools analyze your data, display near-real-time key performance indicators, and continually refine the rules and predictive models that drive effective model-based decision-making.

We have implemented solutions with customers in the following industries:

    • Financial Services
    • Merchant Processing
    • Medical laboratories
    • Transportation
    • Retail

Analytics Trumps Intuition.  Our services include:

    1. Customer Regression models identifying Customer Lifetime Value and Propensity to Quit.
    2. Customer Up-sell and Cross Sell models.  Identifying the Next Product to Buy
    3. Margin Pressure and Optimization.  Defining price optimization and implementing what if Monte Carlo Analysis
    4. Customer Service.  Understanding the mound of unstructured data and translating it into actionable insights.
    5. Product Forecasting
    6. Strategic Planning and Business Transformation
    7. Net Promoter Score
    8. Business Development and Cost Management

TDT – Reasons why some companies are more successful than others with their retention programs

TDT – SnapsHOT -Business and Predictive Analytics

TDT – SnapsHOT – Competing on Analytics 

TDT – SnapsHOT – Consulting

TDT – SnapsHOT – Cost Reduction 

TDT Approach to Customer Retention Part 1


TDT Approach to Customer Retention Part 2