DM&T Services Ltd., Data & Support Services, helps TDT Analytics provide extensive Data manipulation in support of TDT Analytics client’s needs.  By providing Data Services that include Data Cleansing, File Conversions and all forms of Data Aggregation, TDT Analytics clients receive real-time updates to all queries and simplified file upload facilities.  Additioonaly DM&T provides custom web development in support of client needs.

Blackadar Analytic specializes in courier and freight negotiation, benchmarking, auditing and cost analysis optimization.  Blackadar Analytic Inc. is an expert in International shipping between the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Blackadar Analytic Inc. offers a suite of services that assist companies to:

  • Benchmark their courier costs against those of others
  • Create bid documents that flush-out the issues the courier companies don’t want to talk about
  • Use computer cost modeling to compare and evaluate competing bids
  • Create freight optimization initiatives that can significantly alter costs going forward
  • Provide expertise on available technology as related to courier shipping/EDI/Bar Code scanning/RFID
  • Provide both tools and training for logistics departments to check billing accuracy and monitor cost reduction initiatives.


Carine Lacroix

General HR & HR Analytics Advisor

M. Econ., MSc Management

Carine is Founder and CEO of Reneshone, a Toronto-based HR company that specializes in talent attraction, retention and engagement.

She is an HR expert who understands numbers and how to correlate business with revenue optimization. With a broad skill set, she has built a solid track record driving solid results for clients through HR. This includes total rewards, recruiting, HR advisory, and coaching.

What truly sets Carine apart are two things: 1) her unique expertise in optimizing human capital from recruitment to retention, and 2) her ability to tailor competitive and data-driven market expansion solutions that are fully aligned with the long-term business strategy. She listens to the needs of all stakeholders and develops a tactical approach for growth initiatives to ensure that business development efforts are targeted, measurable and sustainable. For that reason, Carine has been more than once featured in the Globe and Mail which is #1 for business in Canada

Jeff Chan

A seasoned strategy consultant and executive, Jeff leverages a unique balance of human resources leadership and strategy consulting experience gained in diverse industries around the globe.

Jeff brings a strategic mindset honed over 10 years at McKinsey & Company, in its organization performance practice and then as co-founder of its global Growth practice, and as a Partner at SECOR Consulting, now part of KPMG. He has served clients in sectors including financial services, retail, industrial, resources, high-tech and non-profit, in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia on issues encompassing human resources and organization performance, growth strategy and business building, and cost-cutting and restructuring.

Prior to McKinsey, Jeff held senior HR positions in Canada and the US, with Amphenol Corporation, formerly a division of AlliedSignal, and American Express. More recently he headed HR, volunteers, and accreditation as SVP for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and was SVP, Human Resources at MD Financial.

Jeff holds an MBA from Western and a BA from Queen’s.

Millennium Aviation – Ricardo V. Pilon CEO 

Millennium Aviation, Inc. is a boutique management and business consulting & professional services firm specialized in business transformation, profitability enhancement and business model revival in commercial aviation. The firm is based in Montreal, Canada and offers world-wide service with 19 Senior Associates and three strategic partners. We enable our customers to rebuild or reinvent successful and profitable business models and enhance their profitability in the short, medium and long term.

The specialty areas of Millennium Aviation are business model innovation, business transformation, strategy, profitability enhancement, commercial optimization, and leadership and talent strategy. The company is active in the airline, air cargo, tour operating, and management consulting industries and has served over 210 clients on 5 continents.

The professional services of Millennium Aviation enable commercial optimization through four lines of business, Value Creation Facilitation, Tools & Techniques, Coaching & Advisory, and Speaking Engagements. We also offer a Free Educational Program and are active in multiple executive MBA and continued education programs at reputable business schools around the world.

Millennium Aviation recently also released a new book entitled “Cruising to Profits® – Transformational Strategies for Sustained Airline Profitability”, of which the introductory Volume 1 – Second Edition was released in February 2014.