TDT Spotlight in the News:

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TDT Analytics Named Top 10 Banking Analytics Solutions Provider

Unlocking the Power of Predictive Analytics
Banking CIO Outlook March 2016

TDT Analytics Brings you Actionable Insights.

  • Predictive models to identify probability of customer attrition.
  • Predictive models to identify next product/service your customer or prospect is most likely to buy.
  • Predictive models to identify how to maximize revenue while ensuring customer retention.
  • Visualization tools – Management insights – KPI Management – Management Reporting
  • No more looking in the rear view mirror. Look forward and target the right customers and opportunities

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TDT Analytics named top 10 Banking Analytics Solutions Provider by Banking CIO Outlook


We operate in all verticals: Financial services, Retail, Manufacturing, Services, Medical
Our Predictive and Analytics unlock hidden knowledge for effective decision making and optimization.
TDT Analytics – We listen, we partner, and together we develop an approach that can foster growth.