Analytics have proven to provide insights and competitive business outcomes with significant ROI for market leading companies, in a very short period of time.

Analytic companies realize that Analytics are an essential component of a companies strategy not an option if they wish to remain competitive. Business Analytics is focused on providing insights and on making informed actionable business decisions in support of a company’s goals and objectives. insight 2

Business Analytics unlocks value for companies.

Business Analytics is all about turning Information into Insights and have as a foundation the decision or the business process one wishes to optimize as the primary driver.

Business Analytics use data to support the Analytics.  A recent report titled “Operational Analytics” prepared by BeyeNETWORK (May 2010) supports our approach of Business Process first, not data first. Too many companies focus on the data and try to identify Actionable Insights without knowing what decisions the data will influence. By using the Business Process first, one is not constrained by the data or the lack of data and is instead focused on determining the right Key Performance Indicators to support the Business Process.  Business Analytics provide in near real time, actionable insights, transparency and perspectives into the drivers affecting performance and create the vehicle to drive fact based decisions. Analytic companies are those that use Analytics extensively and systematically to out think and out execute the competition

  • Analytics are at the heart of acquiring, retaining, serving customers and saving money, maximizing revenues and profits
  • Organizations must relentlessly make decisions about new and existing initiatives
  • Business users need easy access to up to date information that provides for easy visualization, analysis and sharing with colleagues

  • TDT brings sophisticated Business Analytics and Predictive Analytic Solutions to its customers to enhance their competitiveness and profitability
  • W.Edwards Deming (statistician, author and professor) coined the following:  “In God we Trust, all others bring Data”
  • Insights into your Data, Insights into your Business