Creating a single version of the truth.

How do companies ensure that everyone is on the same page?

How do companies react quickly to new market opportunities?

How do companies adjust their product and service offering to meet the changing needs of their customers?

How do companies know if a customer intervention is required in order to ensure customer retention?

How do companies move from intuition to fact based decisions?

Putting agility to work requires executives to have clear visibility so that what is working well can be capitalized upon and what is not working well can be rapidly undone.

Maintaining a high batting average requires that executives stay close to their customers, products and the market. Continued success lies in getting everyone within the organization on the same page, using the same set of assumptions and seeing the same version of the truth

Pulling the right levers on a consistent basis requires clear insights into the business so leaders can prioritize their most important issues and then make diligent and informed decisions to proactively address them.

Information needed to make such decisions is typically buried under all the data within an organization’s enterprise business systems

Many companies use manual methods to gain insights – such as gathering data from their system using reports and extracts, massaging this data manually in spreadsheets, and then emailing handmade spreadsheets around the company.  No single version of the truth exists as everyone makes changes to the spreadsheets.

Soon the entire organization is drowning in spreadsheets.

Multiple spreadsheets floating in email systems and on personal desktops/laptops create possible version control issues, and different versions of the truth.


In addition, spreadsheets do not have checks and balances when entering or updating data, so errors can easily creep in, creating a potential accuracy issue.

Single Truth TDT’s Business Analytic solutions enable organizations to address spreadsheet chaos. It provides deep and clear insights into their company to help them proactively identify, prioritize and address issues, improve organizational alignment and enhance resource utilization. Creating a single version of the truth and providing for cross company collaboration.  With better insights and an effective planning and budgeting solution, organizations can more effectively leverage their core strengths of speed and focus.

It enables focus by providing every manager within the organization the same version of truth, so there is alignment between strategy and operations and any disconnects are eliminated

It enables companies to leverage their speed by succinctly surfacing what is working and what is not on an ongoing basis, showing the impact on the business and allowing them to correctly prioritize and rapidly act/react.

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Creating a single version of the truth and insights necessary for fact based decisions.