Key Performance Indicators – KPI’s

We embed analytics within businesses in an active form that allows businesses to understand and use them on a near real time basis in order to compete more effectively. It’s all about putting actionable information in the hands of the Business Users in near real time.

We accomplish this goal by providing a platform that measures analytics performance:

  • Our analytics platform, engine, and language put the power of disruptive predictive analytics into the hands of everyday decision-makers:
  • Our analytics platform provides business users throughout the enterprise with easy-to-use self-serve analytics information. The power of Analytics now in the hands of the business user.
  • We can deploy a comprehensive Analytical program within your company within 120 and capturing an ROI.  It’s all about the value we can bring to you our customers.
  • Our analytics platform provides a single, sustainable content and version for calculating current KPI-based models and enabling consistent, reliable, fully informed model-based for decision-making.
  • By establishing KPI (Key Performance Indicator) hierarchies in viewable and actionable KPI bullet graphs with user customizable views.
  • By providing an analytics expression language that allows for ease of calculating KPI’s from metric data.
  • By offering click-to-forecast and click-to-data functions for rapidly analyzing data trends and variances.

By providing predictor views of KPI models for quick what-if analysis and by incorporating self-service customizable dashboards for continuous reporting and viewing of summary results

TDT’s value to you is enhanced by its establishment as a SaaS (Software as a Service) instance which effectively increases collaboration across geographic and organizational boundaries.

Additionally by bringing you sophisticated Predictive and modeling Analytics, we can help uncover new nuggets of opportunity.

23101602_mlPut the power of Analytics in the hands of your business users.

 A game changing opportunity. Analytics