Key reasons why Analytics will most likely provide companies with a Competitive Advantage?

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Analytics is undoubtedly developing into a competitive advantage for companies.

In times past “nice-to-have,” analytics is without a doubt at present evolving as a necessary tool for survival in this ultra-competitive world.

An August 6, 2009 New York Times feature entitled, “For Today’s Graduate, Simply One Word: Statistics” brings to mind the well-known words of wisdom to Dustin Hoffman’s personality in his powerful motion picture The Graduate.  It takes place when a sanctimonious Los Angeles business person approaches the baby-faced Benjamin Braddock, played by Hoffman, and proclaims, “I simply wish to state one word to you– simply one word– plastics.”  Quite possibly a reprise of the motion picture could be produced and refreshed with the term Analytics replacing plastics

This particular interest on Statistics and Analytics is without a doubt pertinent, as seen in the write-up in that week’s post by the New York Times.  The write-up points out an instance of a Google staff member who “uses statistical analysis of mass of data in order to develop techniques to greatly improve (Google’s) online search engine.”  It explains the staff member as “an Internet-age statistician, one of many who are actually transforming the image of the occupation as a place for geeks but as a place that is cool and hip.

Analytics– simply ability, or perhaps a new way of managing your business?

Using analytics which incorporate statistics is actually a skill which is literally achieving greater importance as a result of the steadily declining margins companies are experiencing.  Presently there’s a demand to obtain insights and interpretations through the mounds of raw transactional information which many companies have.  Organizations are actually overwhelmed in information however starving with respect to information and facts.  From there the phrase “Data Rich and Insight Poor”

The write-up states:  “In industry after industry, computing along with the Internet is actually producing new dimensions of information to investigate, social network, public documents non-transactional data and a lot more.  Ultimately data and information are simply the raw material of know-how.  We’re quickly rushing in a planet in which anything can possibly be kept track of and measured, however the significant issue facing companies is definitely becoming the capacity of people to make use of, evaluate and understand the information.

Analysts employ powerful computer systems and advanced statistical analytical models to search relevant patterns and insights in large data.  The functions are without a doubt as varied as enhancing Web search and on-line advertising and marketing, customer retention, revenue and margin optimization, upsell and CrossSell to name a few.

The application of analytics is definitely evolving into main stream, however, will senior managers recognize this?

About Fifty years ago Heads of companies employed bookkeepers to carry out the financial evaluation of a business, for the reason that this was generally too complicated for anyone else to completely appreciate.  These days, all CEO’s as well as business people understand precisely what price-earnings (PE) ratios and cash flow statements

Twenty years back Presidents of organizations did not have desktop computers.  They did not have enough time or even the ability to run these complicated devices and applications; therefore they hired their secretaries as well as other people. Today people will certainly come to be discarded if they don’t at the very least actually have several electronic devices like notebooks, smart phones, lap tops and Personal organizers in order to get the data you need to have at your fingertips.

Business Analytics are definitely the next Wave

Business individuals are just starting to understand just what predictive modeling, forecasting, design of experimentations or statistical optimization mean or even can achieve for their companies.  Over the coming Ten years, utilization of these highly effective methods will certainly emerge as accepted, just like financial analysis and computer systems have, if companies wish to prosper in an extremely competitive economy.  Managers, as well as staff members who do not recognize, adapt and make use of these resources will certainly be tested.

Future generations will definitely not have any uneasiness of analytics or search for a “specialist” to perform the mathematics.

Generally there is usually risk when conclusions are made based upon instinct, gut feel, and at times unreliable data.  More and more, the foremost source of achieving a better competitive advantage is going to be a company’s proficiency in gaining mastery in all flavors of analytics.  If your management staff is analytics-impaired, then your company is definitely at risk.  Analytics is undoubtedly the next wave for companies to effectively compete and improve the use of their resources.

Considerable rewards are realized through employing a methodical pursuit of quantitative relationships among performance management factors.  Whenever the major variables that drive a company’s results are measured, accurately monitored and predicted, that company is in a considerable better situation to correct and take remedial action beforehand and reduce risks.

Analytics the next Wave

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