Managing Multiple Data Sources

Posted by | February 27, 2013 | Business Intelligence">

Most companies have data residing in multiple data sources. The challenge is how to aggregate the data from legacy systems, different databases, excel spreadsheets etc…

More importantly how do you ensure data cleansing, eliminating missing and or duplicate entries, ensuring that values in fields correspond to what should be there.

This can be a daunting task for anyone to undertake. This first step is critical in understanding your data and subsequently conducting various predictive analysis.

This activity is an integral part of the process we follow with our customers. We take data from multiple data sources and create a dataset that can now be data mined and analyzed.

When it comes to Customer Analytics, a lack of customer data is not the issue. Rather, it’s what organizations do with this data.

To gain a complete understanding of your customers, you need to turn data into insight, and action. You also need to present results in a meaningful way so your first responders can use them to improve service, personalize marketing and drive profitability.

Predictive Analytics provides you insight in your data and business and allows for forward decisions to be based on fact versus intuition.  Get new insights with Predictive Analytics.  Anticipate Trends, Predict behavior, Prevent Customer Attrition, Maximize your marketing dollars, Know what to sell to whom and when, Price dynamically, visualization tools, dashboards, Key performance indicators

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