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• What gives TDT Analytics an edge is that others go to where the ball is whereas we go to where the ball is going to go. — Pele, a world soccer player.

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Predictive Analytics

With the application of Predictive Analytics, in addition to analyzing general trends, we provide you with applicable, specific and useful information that is actionable at the Individual /Customer level.  Whether you are drowning in a sea of Data or not, our insights help you achieve your strategic business objectives.

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Business Intelligence

Businesses now need tools that can put the power of Analytics and KPI’s in the hands of Business Users.  Users can no longer wait for IT to produce rear view oriented reports. Business users need information and KPI’s in REAL TIME which they can trend, visualize, forecast and do what if analysis.

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Consulting Services

We analyze your business processes and understand your competitive environment to identify, analyze and help solve your unique business needs versus offering  a set of out of the box products. Companies choose our consulting services because of our highly experienced talent, and our ability to implement recommendations and capture the ROI.

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Redefining Customer Engagement via Predictive Analytics See Article

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